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Bárány Society

Bárány Society Membership
Membership Fee 2018
Bárány Society Meetings

Bárány Society Membership

Description: Full TextRead President Göran Laurell’s 2018 Welcome Message

The Bárány Society President invites new members to join the society
Every member is at liberty to propose new members. To qualify for membership, applicants should, according to the Society Rules, be "active in otoneurology or vestibular research, have an academic degree in this or in a closely related field or have the equivalent of an academic degree or professional or scientific experience in otoneurology or vestibular research." Each nomination for membership should be approved by one member in addition to the proposer.

For further information about membership applications please contact Mrs. Asa Erikson, Administrative Secretary of the Society, at asa.eriksson@akademiska.se.

Membership Fee 2018

The Bárány Society membership fee remains unchanged for 2018: US$ 60 / 50 Euro)
If you would also like to pay in arrears of your membership dues, we would respectfully ask that you pay the entire balance (including the previous fees) without delay.

Payment via Direct Electronic Remittance from Your Bank
Bárány Society, Dept of Otorhinolaryngology, University Hospital, 75185 Uppsala Sweden Currency: USD or Euro
Amount: (60 USD or 50 Euro)
Bank: Nordea
IBAN: SE2630000000038761800457

Please refrain from sending bank cheques.

Members in Sweden can use the Bankgiro account no. 832-3297, or Postgiro to Nordbanken 950757-5 and state account no. 3876-1800457 of the Bárány Society, Öron- näs- och halskliniken, Akademiska Sjukhuset, c/o Niklas Danckwardt-Lillieström, 751 85 Uppsala

Payment via PayPal
Payment can be made via Paypal. Just go to the Membership page of the Bárány Society website to submit your payment.

Payment via Credit Card
Description: Full TextPlease download the attached form to submit your membership fee payment via credit card. The Bárány Society accepts Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.

Bárány Society Meetings

Programs and Abstracts
These special issues published by the Journal of Vestibular Research are devoted to Bárány Society Meeting programs and abstracts. As a service to the vestibular community, IOS Press has made the programs and abstracts for the Oral Sessions and the Poster Sessions freely available. For the convenience of meeting attendees, Author Indexes have also been provided.

XXIX Bárány Society Meeting
Seoul, Korea, June 5-8, 2016
Journal of Vestibular Research, Volume 26 (2016), Numbers 1-2
Program and Abstracts
Watch videos of the six Teaching Course Lectures

XXVII Bárány Society Meeting
Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 25-28, 2014
Journal of Vestibular Research, Volume 24 (2014), Numbers 2-3
Program and Abstracts

XXVI Bárány Society Meeting
Reykjavik, Iceland, August 18-21, 2010
Journal of Vestibular Research, Volume 20 (2010), Numbers 3-4
Program and Abstracts

XXIII Bárány Society Meeting
Paris, France, July 7-9, 2004
Journal of Vestibular Research, Volume 14 (2004), Numbers 2-3
Program and Abstracts

XXII Bárány Society Meeting
Seattle, Washington, USA, September 26-29, 2002
Journal of Vestibular Research, Volume 11 (2001-2002), Numbers 3-5
Program and Abstracts



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