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Volume 27
Number 5-6 / 2017
Bone mineral density and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in patients with idiopathic benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
pp. 287-294
Chan Joo Yang, Yehree Kim, Hwan Seo Lee, and Hong Ju Park

Number 4 / 2017
Bilateral vestibulopathy: Diagnostic criteria
Consensus document of the Classification Committee of the Bárány Society

pp. 177-189

Michael Strupp, Ji-Soo Kim, Toshihisa Murofushi, Dominik Straumann, Joanna C. Jen, Sally M. Rosengren, Charles C. Della Santina and Herman Kingma

Diagnostic criteria for persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD)
Consensus document of the Committee for the Classification of Vestibular Disorders of the Bárány Society

pp. 113-125

Jeffrey P. Staab, Annegret Eckhardt-Henn, Arata Horii, Rolf Jacob, Michael Strupp, Thomas Brandt, and Adolfo Bronstein

Number 2-3 / 2017
Vestibular vertigo is associated with abnormal sleep duration
pp. 127-135
Monirah Albathi and Yuri Agrawal

Number 1 / 2017
The role of sensory augmentation for people with vestibular deficits: Real-time balance aid and/or rehabilitation device?
pp. 63-76
K.H. Sienko, S.L. Whitney, W.J. Carender, and C. Wall III

Volume 26
Number 5-6 / 2016
Vestibular paroxysmia: Diagnostic criteria
pp. 409-415
Michael Strupp, Jose A. Lopez-Escamez, Ji-Soo Kim, Dominik Straumann, Joanna Jen, John Carey, Alexandre Bisdorff and Thomas Brandt

Number 4 / 2016
Chronic subjective dizziness: Analysis of underlying personality factors
pp. 403-408
G. Chiarella, C. Petrolo, R. Riccelli, L. Giofrč, G. Olivadese, F.M. Gioacchini, A. Scarpa,
E. Cassandro, and L. Passamonti

Number 3 / 2016
About the pathophysiology of acute unilateral vestibular deficit – vestibular neuritis (VN) or peripheral vestibulopathy (PVP)?
pp. 311-317
Denis S. Uffer and Stefan C.A. Hegemann

Volume 25
Number 5-6 / 2015
Falls and fear of falling in vertigo and balance disorders: A controlled cross-sectional study
pp. 241-251
Cornelia Schlick, Roman Schniepp, Verena Loidl, Max Wuehr, Kristin Hesselbarth and Klaus Jahn

Number 5-6 / 2015
Variants in the KCNE1 or KCNE3 gene and risk of Méničre's disease: A meta-analysis
pp. 211-218
Yuan-Jun Li, Zhan-Guo Jin and Xian-Rong Xu

Number 3-4 / 2015
Spontaneous inversion of nystagmus without a positional change in the horizontal canal variant of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
pp. 169-175
Yasuo Ogawa, Akihide Ichimura, Koji Otsuka, Akira Hagiwara, Taro Inagaki, Shigetaka Shimizu, Noriko Nagai, Shigeto Itani and Mamoru Suzuki

Number 3-4 / 2015
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: Diagnostic criteria
pp. 105-117
Michael von Brevern, Pierre Bertholon, Thomas Brandt, Terry Fife, Takao Imai, Daniele Nuti and David Newman-Toker

Number 2 / 2015
Vestibular involvement in cognition: Visuospatial ability, attention, executive function, and memory
pp. 73-89
Robin T. Bigelow and Yuri Agrawal

Number 1 / 2015
Diagnostic criteria for Meničre's disease
pp. 1-7
Jose A. Lopez-Escamez, John Carey, Won-Ho Chung, Joel A. Goebel, Mĺns Magnusson, Marco Mandalŕ, David E. Newman-Toker, Michael Strupp, Mamoru Suzuki, Franco Trabalzini and Alexandre Bisdorffj

Volume 24

Number 5-6 (2014)
Applications of neuromodulation to explore vestibular cortical processing; new insights into the effects of direct current cortical modulation upon pursuit, VOR and VOR suppression
pp. 453-458
H. Ahmad, Q. Arshad, S. Siddiqui, Y. Nigmatullina, M. Patel, A.M. Bronstein and R.E. Roberts

Number 5-6 (2014)
The role of the thalamus in the human subcortical vestibular system
pp. 375-385
Julian Conrad, Bernhard Baier and Marianne Dieterich

Number 4 / 2014
The influence of visual vertigo and vestibulopathy on oculomotor responses
pp. 305-311
Oz Zura, Ruth Dickstein, Elizabeth Dannenbaum, Eli Carmeli and Joyce Fung

Number 2-3/2014
All articles openly available at http://content.iospress.com/journals/journal-of-vestibular-research/24/2,3

Number 1 / 2014
Use of the Vestibular Disorders Activities of Daily Living Scale to describe functional limitations in patients with vestibular disorders
pp. 33-38
Helen S. Cohen 24 (5,6) Conrad et al. and Ahmad et al.

Volume 23

Number 6 / 2013
Using core sets of the international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) to measure disability in vestibular disorders: Study protocol
pp. 297-303
Eva Grill, Joseph Furman, Alia A. Alghwiri, Martin M?ller, Susan L. Whitney

Number 4-5 / 2013
Dynamic visual acuity (DNA) during locomotion for targets are near or far distances: Effects of aging, walking speed and head-trunk coupling
pp. 195-201
Nandini Deshpande, Brandon M. Tourtillott, Brian T. Peters, Jacob J. Bloomberg

Number 3 / 2013
New insights into vestibular neuropharmacology: From bench to bedside
pp. 107-111
Christian Chabbert

Number 2 / 2013
Listing's plane and the 3D-VOR in microgravity – The role of the otolith afferences
pp. 61-70
Andrew H. Clarke, K. Just, W. Krzok, U. Schônfeld

Number 1 / 2013
Validation of centrifugation as a countermeasure for otolith deconditioning during spaceflight: Preliminary data of the ESA SPIN study
pp. 23-31
K.I. Buytaert, H.G. MacDougall, S.T. Moore, G. Clement, N. Pattyn, P.-F. Migeotte, F.L. Wuyts

Volume 22

Number 5-6 / 2012
International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) Core Set for patients with vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders
pp. 261-271
Eva Grill, Adolfo Bronstein, Joseph Furman, David S. Zee, Martin M?ller

Number 4 / 2012
Vestibular migraine: Diagnostic criteria
pp. 167 - 172
Thomas Lempert, Jes Olesen, Joseph Furman, John Waterston, Barry Seemungal, John Carey, Alexander Bisdorff, Maurizio Versino, Stefan Evers, David Newman-Toker

Number 2-3 / 2012
Are evolutionary hypotheses for motion sickness "just-so" stories?
pp. 117 - 127
Charles M. Oman

Number 2-3 / 2012
Vestibular-somatosensory convergence in head movement control during locomotion after long-duration space flight
pp. 153 - 166
A.P. Mulavara, T. Ruttley, H.S. Cohen, B.T. Peters, C. Miller, R. Brady, L. Merkle, J.J. Bloomberg

Number 1 / 2012
Ethical, anatomical and physiological issues in developing vestibular implants for human use
pp. 3 - 9
Jean-Philippe Guyot, Annietta Gay, Maria Izabel Kos, Marco Pelizzone

Volume 21

Number 6 / 2011
Epidemiological evidence for a link between vertigo and migraine
pp. 299 - 304
Michael von Brevern, Hannelore Neuhauser

Number 5 / 2011
International guidelines for education in vestibular rehabilitation therapy
pp. 243 - 250
Helen S. Cohen, Kim R. Gottshall, Mariella Graziano, Eva-Maj Malmstrom, Margaret H. Sharpe, Susan L. Whitney

Number 4 / 2011
Optokinetic response in patients with vestibular areflexia
pp. 219 - 225
Patrick L.M. Huygen, Wim I.M. Verhagen

Number 3 / 2011
Subjective visual vertical in patients with idiopatic scoliosis
pp. 161 - 165
Ondrej Cakrt, Krystof Slabý, Lucie Viktorinová, Pavel Kolár, Jaroslav Jerábek

Number 1 / 2011
Vestibular signal processing by separate sets of neuronal filters
pp. 5 - 19
Mathieu Beraneck, Hans Straka

Volume 20

Number 6 / 2010
Immunohistochemical and biomolecular identification of 5-HT_{7} receptor in rat vestibular nuclei
pp. 401 - 406
Roza Khalmuratova, Young-Sool Hah, Seong-Ki Ahn, Sea-Yuong Jeon, Jin-Pyeong Kim, Carey D. Balaban

Number 5 / 2010
Auditory-pupillary responses in deaf subjects
pp. 373 - 380
Naoharu Kitajima, Koji Otsuka, Yasuo Ogawa, Shigetaka Shimizu, Mami Hayashi, Akihide Ichimura, Mamoru Suzuki

Volume 19

Number 5-6 / 2009
Presynaptic and postsynaptic ion channel expression in vestibular nuclei neurons after unilateral vestibular deafferentation
pp. 191 - 200
Mei Shao, Anastas Popratiloff, June C. Hirsch, Kenna D. Peusner

Number 3-4 / 2009
Proteomic analysis of the rat cerebellar flocculus during vestibular compensation
pp. 83 - 94
Masahiko Fukasawa, Kazuki Okamoto, Manabu Nakamura, Koshi Mikami, Sonoko Shimada, Yasuhiko Tanaka, Kouhei Nagai, Mitsumi Arito, Manae S. Kurokawa, Kayo Masuko, Naoya Suematsu, Izumi Koizuka, Tomohiro Kato

Number 1-2 / 2009
Classification of vestibular symptoms: Towards an international classification of vestibular disorders
pp. 1 - 13
Alexandre Bisdorff, Michael Von Brevern, Thomas Lempert, David E. Newman-Toker

Number 1-2 / 2009
International survey of vestibular rehabilitation therapists by the Barany Society Ad Hoc Committee on Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
pp. 15 - 20
Helen S. Cohen, Kim R. Gottshall, Mariella Graziano, Eva-Maj Malmstrom, Margaret H. Sharpe

Volume 18

Number 5-6 / 2008
Effects of multi-directional vibrotactile feedback on vestibular-deficient postural performance during continuous multi-directional support surface perturbations
pp. 273 - 285
K.H. Sienko, M.D. Balkwill, L.I.E. Oddsson, C. Wall

Number 4 / 2008
The influence of cognitive tasks on vestibular-induced eye movements in young and older adults
pp. 187 - 195
Bryan K. Ward, Mark S. Redfern, J. Richard Jennings, Joseph M. Furman

Number 2-3 / 2008
Orientation of Listing's plane after hypergravity in humans
pp. 97 - 105
Suzanne A.E. Nooij, Jelte E. Bos, Eric L. Groen

Number 1 / 2008
The role of vestibular and somatosensory systems in intersegmental control of upright stance
pp. 39 - 49
Rob Creath, Tim Kiemel, Fay Horak, John J. Jeka

Volume 17

Number 4 / 2007
Effects of practicing tandem gait with and without vibrotactile biofeedback in subjects with unilateral vestibular loss
pp. 195 - 204
Marco Dozza, Conrad Wall III, Robert J. Peterka, Lorenzo Chiari, Fay B. Horak

Number 2-3 / 2007
Characterization of age-related changes in vestibular evoked myogenic potentials
pp. 93 - 98
Dietmar Basta, Ingo Todt, Arne Ernst

Number 1 / 2007
Effects of fluvoxamine on anxiety, depression, and subjective handicaps of chronic dizziness patients with or without neuro-otologic diseases
pp. 1 - 8
Arata Horii, Atsuhiko Uno, Tadashi Kitahara, Kenji Mitani, Chisako Masumura, Kaoru Kizawa, Takeshi Kubo

Volume 16

Number 6 / 2006
Linear vection as a function of stimulus eccentricity, visual angle, and fixation
pp. 265 - 272
Luminita Tarita-Nistor, Esther G. González, Ashley J. Spigelman, Martin J. Steinbach

Number 4-5 / 2006
The assessment of increased sensitivity to visual stimuli in patients with chronic dizziness
pp. 223 - 231
Marousa Pavlou, Rosalyn A. Davies, Adolfo M. Bronstein

Number 3 / 2006
Cognitive-vestibular interactions: A review of patient difficulties and possible mechanisms
pp. 75 - 91
Douglas A. Hanes, Gin McCollum

Number 1-2 / 2006
Determining the effectiveness of a vibrotactile balance prosthesis
pp. 45 - 56
Robert J. Peterka, Conrad Wall III, Erna Kentala

Volume 15

Number 5-6 / 2005
Development and evolution of the vestibular sensory apparatus of the mammalian ear
pp. 225 - 241
Kirk W. Beisel, Yesha Wang-Lundberg, Adel Maklad, Bernd Fritzsch

Number 4 / 2005
Biomechanics of horizontal canal benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
pp. 203 - 214
Suhrud M. Rajguru, Marytheresa A. Ifediba, Richard D. Rabbitt

Number 3 / 2005
The effects of vestibular system lesions on autonomic regulation: Observations, mechanisms, and clinical implications
pp. 119 - 129
Bill J. Yates, Adolfo M. Bronstein

Number 2 / 2005
On the vestibular labyrinth of Brachiosaurus brancai
pp. 65 - 71
A.H. Clarke

Number 1 / 2005
Does vestibular damage cause cognitive dysfunction in humans?
pp. 1 - 9
Paul F. Smith, Yiwen Zheng, Arata Horii, Cynthia L. Darlington

Volume 14

Number 6 / 2004
Nitric oxide synthase and arginase expression changes in the rat perirhinal and entorhinal cortices following unilateral vestibular damage: A link to deficits in object recognition?
pp. 411 - 417
Ping Liu, Catherine M. Gliddon, Libby Lindsay, Cynthia L. Darlington, Paul F. Smith

Number 5 / 2004
The sensitivity and specificity of the Timed "Up & Go" and the dynamic gait index for self-reported falls in persons with vestibular disorders
pp. 397 - 409
Susan L. Whitney, Gregory F. Marchetti, Annika Schade, Diane M. Wrisley

Number 4 / 2004
Preservation of tap vestibular evoked myogenic potentials despite resection of the inferior vestibular nerve
pp. 347 - 351
Krister Brantberg, Tiit Mathiesen

Number 1 / 2004
Interaction of vestibular, echolocation, and visual modalities guiding flight by the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus
pp. 17 - 32
Seth S. Horowitz, Cheryl A. Cheney, James A. Simmons

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