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Volume 1, Number 2

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Guest Editorial
Full Text PDF (145 KB)
pp. 107 - 108
Robert S. Kimura

Effect of Telescopic Spectacles on Head Stability in Normal and Low Vision
Full Text PDF (788 KB)
pp. 109 - 122
Joseph L. Derner, Jefirn Goldberg, Franklin I. Porter

Dynamic Posturography in Assessment of Polyneuropathic Disease
Full Text PDF (396 KB)
pp. 123 - 128
T. Ledin, L. M. Ödkvist, M. Vrethem, C. Möller

Effects of Balance Training in Elderly Evaluated by Clinical Tests and Dynamic Posturography
Full Text PDF (647 KB)
pp. 129 - 138
T. Ledin, A. C. Kronhed, C. Möller, M. Möller, L. M. Ödkvist, B. Olsson

A Model for Otolith Dynamic Response with a Viscoelastic Gel Layer
Full Text PDF (637 KB)
pp. 139 - 151
J. W. Grant, J. R. Cotton

Effect of Head Orientation on Human Postural Stability following Unilateral Vestibular Ablation
Full Text PDF (471 KB)
pp. 153 - 160
Charles R. Fox, Gary D. Paige

Eye-Head Movement Coordination: Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Suppression with Head-Fixed Target Fixation
Full Text PDF (579 KB)
pp. 161 - 170
Jean-Louis Vercher, Gabriel M. Gauthier

Disturbances in the Control of Saccadic Eye Movement and Eye-Head Coordination in Schizophrenics
Full Text PDF (499 KB)
pp. 171 - 180
Junko Fukushima, Kikuro Fukushima, Nobuyuki Morita, Itaru Yamashita

The Effect of Treatment on Eye-Head Coordination in Parkinson's Disease
Full Text PDF (405 KB)
pp. 181 - 186
H. C. Hansen, J. M. Gibson, W. H. Zangemeister, C. Kennard

Head Impulses after Unilateral Vestibular Deafferentation Validate Ewald's Second Law
Full Text PDF (706 KB)
pp. 187 - 197
G. M. Halmagyi, I. S. Curthoys, P. D. Cremer, C. J. Henderson, M. Staples

Human Otolithic Function before and after Unilateral Vestibular Neurectomy
Full Text PDF (643 KB)
pp. 199 - 209
I.S. Curthoys, M.J. Dai, G.M. Halmagyi

Meeting Report: Disorders of Posture and Gait
Full Text PDF (172 KB)
pp. 211 - 213
Th. Brandt, M. Igarashi

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