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Volume 1, Number 4

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Effects of Ketamine on Ocular Movements of the Cat
Full Text PDF (1,127 KB)
pp. 325 - 338
P. Mettens, E. Godaux, G. Cheron

Three-Dimensional Structure of the Human Vestibular Nuclear Complex
Full Text PDF (453 KB)
pp. 339 - 345
W. Briner, F. H. Linthicum, Jr., A. Gadre

Suppression of Optokinetic Velocity Storage in Humans by Static Tilt in Roll
Full Text PDF (813 KB)
pp. 347 - 355
S. H. Lafortune, D. J. Ireland, R. M. Jell

Effects of Asymmetric Vergence on Compensatory Eye Movements During Active Head Rotation
Full Text PDF (1,130 KB)
pp. 357 - 371
Trevor Hine

Recovery of Postural Control after an Acute Unilateral Vestibular Lesion in Humans
Full Text PDF (1,012 KB)
pp. 373 - 383
Michael Fetter, Hans-Christoph Diener, Johannes Dichgans

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