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Volume 2, Number 1

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Modeling 3-D Slow Phase Velocity Estimation during Off-Vertical-Axis Rotation (OVAR)
Full Text PDF (1,047 KB)
pp. 1 - 14
Charles Schnabolk, Theodore Raphan

Influence of Visual, Vestibular, Cervical, and Somatosensory Tilt Information on Ocular Rotation and Perception of the Horizontal
Full Text PDF (1,260 KB)
pp. 15 - 30
Bernd de Graaf, Harold Bekkering, Corrie Erasmus, Willem Bles

Calcium Currents in Solitary Hair Cells Isolated from Frog Crista Ampullaris
Full Text PDF (926 KB)
pp. 31 - 39
I. Prigioni, S. Masetto, G. Russo, V. Taglietti

Fitting Adaptation Models to Velocity Step Responses: Simulation of Normal and Abnormal Responses
Full Text PDF (1,694 KB)
pp. 41 - 57
P. L. M. Huygen, M. G. M. Nicolasen

Relation between Perception of Vertical Axis Rotation and Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Symmetry
Full Text PDF (1,275 KB)
pp. 59 - 69
Robert J. Peterka, Martha S. Benolken

Visual-Vestibular Interaction during Head-Free Pursuit of Pseudorandom Target Motion in Man
Full Text PDF (1,891 KB)
pp. 70 - 88
John A. Waterston, Graham R. Barnes

Context-Specific Adaptation of the Gain of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex in Humans
Full Text PDF (693 KB)
pp. 89 - 96
M. Shelhamer, D. A. Robinson, H. S. Tan

Book Review: Vestibular Disorders
Full Text PDF (105 KB)
pp. 97
Janine L. Johnston

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