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Volume 2, Number 3

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Electrically Evoked Motile Responses of Mammalian Type I Vestibular Hair Cells
Full Text PDF (1,428 KB)
pp. 181 - 191
Hans Peter Zenner, Gunter Reuter, Shi Hong, Ulrike Zimmermann, Alfred H. Gitter

Predictive Mechanisms of Head-Eye Coordination and Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Suppression in Humans
Full Text PDF (2,032 KB)
pp. 193 - 212
G. R. Barnes, M. A. Grealy

An Analysis of Ocular Counterrolling in Response to Body Positions in Three-Dimensional Space
Full Text PDF (881 KB)
pp. 213 - 220
Urs J. Bucher, Fred Mast, Norbert Bischof

The High-Frequency Oscillopsia Test
Full Text PDF (722 KB)
pp. 221 - 226
Don L. Burgio, Brian W. Blakley, Steven F. Myers

Mechanics of the Cupula: Effects of its Thickness
Full Text PDF (915 KB)
pp. 227 - 234
E. Njeugna, J.-L. Eichhorn, C. Kopp, P. Harlicot

Characteristics of Nystagmus Evoked by Electrical Stimulation of the Uvular INodular Lobules of the Cerebellum in Monkey
Full Text PDF (886 KB)
pp. 247 - 255
B. S. K. Cheung, K. E. Money

The Influence of Age on Susceptibility to Motion Sickness in Monkeys
Full Text PDF (1,466 KB)
pp. 235 - 245
S. J. Heinen, D. K. Oh, E. L. Keller

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