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Volume 2, Number 4

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Guest Editorial
Full Text PDF (141 KB)
pp. 257 - 258
Makoto Igarashi

The Dynamics of Spatial Orientation during Complex and Changing Linear and Angular Acceleration
Full Text PDF (2,626 KB)
pp. 259 - 283
F. E. Guedry, A. H. Rupert, B. J. McGrath, C. M. Qman

The Effects of Dynamic Visual Stimulation on Perception and Motor Control
Full Text PDF (1,319 KB)
pp. 285 - 295
Fred H. Previc

The Spatial Disorientation Problem in the United States Air Force
Full Text PDF (1,516 KB)
pp. 297 - 306
Kent K. Gillingham

Multimodal and Motor Influences on Orientation: Implications for Adapting to Weightless and Virtual Environments
Full Text PDF (2,310 KB)
pp. 307 - 322
James R. Lackner

A Postural Model of Balance-Correcting Movement Strategies
Full Text PDF (2,834 KB)
pp. 323 - 347
J. H. J. Allum, F. Honegger

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