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Volume 3, Number 2

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Visual-Vestibular Interaction in Humans During Active and Passive, Vertical Head Movement
Full Text PDF (7,609 KB)
pp. 101 - 114
Joseph L. Derner, John G. Oas, Robert W. Baloh

Loss of Ipsidirectional Quick Phases of Torsional Nystagmus with a Unilateral Midbrain Lesion
Full Text PDF (3,610 KB)
pp. 115 - 121
R. John Leigh, Scott H. Seidman, Michael P. Grant, Joseph P. Hanna

Three Dimensional Eye Movements of Squirrel Monkeys Following Postrotatory Tilt
Full Text PDF (9,628 KB)
pp. 123 - 139
Daniel M. Merfeld, Laurence R. Young, Gary D. Paige, David L. Tomko

A Multidimensional Model of the Effect of Gravity on the Spatial Orientation of the Monkey
Full Text PDF (11,240 KB)
pp. 141 - 161
Daniel M. Merfeld, Laurence R. Young, Charles M. Oman, Mark J. Shelhamer

The Vestibular System Modulates Masseter Muscle Activity
Full Text PDF (4,668 KB)
pp. 163 - 171
E. Tolu, M. Pugliatti

Postural Control Reduced by Subanesthetic Nitrous Oxide Narcosis
Full Text PDF (4,524 KB)
pp. 173 - 180
Serge Padoan, Per Anders Fransson, Måns Magnusson, Rolf Johansson

Adaptation of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex with the Head in Different Orientations and Positions Relative to the Axis of Body Rotation
Full Text PDF (7,962 KB)
pp. 181 - 195
Caroline Tiliket, Mark Shelhamer, H. Stevie Tan, David S. Zee

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