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Volume 5, Number 1

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The Effect of Head Tilt on Perception of Self-Orientation While in a Greater Than One G Environment
Full Text PDF (861 KB)
pp. 1 - 17
Tamara L. Chelette, Eric J. Martin, William B. Albery

Visual Hallucinations Evoked by Caloric Vestibular Stimulation in Normal Humans
Full Text PDF (263 KB)
pp. 19 - 23
Ognyan I. Kolev

Reliability of Psychophysiological Responses Across Multiple Motion Sickness Stimulation Tests
Full Text PDF (608 KB)
pp. 25 - 33
Cynthia S. Stout, William B. Toscano, Patricia S. Cowings

The Subjective Visual Vertical as a Clinical Parameter of Vestibular Function in Peripheral Vestibular Diseases
Full Text PDF (718 KB)
pp. 35 - 45
Andreas Böhmer, Jürg Rickenmann

Bilateral Loss of Eighth Nerve Function as the Only Clinical Sign of Vertebrobasilar Dolichoectasia
Full Text PDF (1,100 KB)
pp. 47 - 51
U. Büttner, M. Ott, Ch. Helmchen, T. Yousry

Betahistine Dihydrochloride Treatment Facilitates Vestibular Compensation in the Cat
Full Text PDF (961 KB)
pp. 53 - 66
Brahim Tighilet, Jacques Leonard, Michel Lacour

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