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Volume 5, Number 2

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Vestibular Compensation: A Review of the Oculomotor, Neural, and Clinical Consequences of Unilateral Vestibular Loss
Full Text PDF (5,209 KB)
pp. 67 - 107
lan S. Curthoys, G. Michael Halmagyi

Arthrokinetic Information Affects Linear Self-Motion Perception
Full Text PDF (3,891 KB)
pp. 109 - 116
Willem Bles, Monique Jelmorini, Harold Bekkering, Bernd de Graaf

Does Posturography Differentiate Malingerers From Vertiginous Patients?
Full Text PDF (434 KB)
pp. 117 - 124
Seija Uimonen, Kyösti Laitakari, Heikki Kiukaanniemi, Martti Sorri

Effect of Gravito-Inertial Cues on the Coding of Orientation in Pre-Attentive Vision
Full Text PDF (1,782 KB)
pp. 125 - 135
Philippe Stivalei, Christian Marendaz, Lorna Barraclough, Christian Mourareau

Neuronal Responses in Vestibular Nuclei to Dorsal Raphe Electrical Activation
Full Text PDF (487 KB)
pp. 137 - 145
Flora Licata, Guido Li Volsi, Giuseppe Maugeri, Francesca Santangelo

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