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Volume 5, Number 4

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Recent Advances in Clinical Neurotology
Full Text PDF (2,297 KB)
pp. 231 - 252
Robert W. Baloh, Joseph M. R. Furman, G. Michael Halmagyi, John H. J. Allum

Vestibularly Evoked Potentials (VESTEPS) of the Horizontal Semicircular Canals under Different Body Positions in Space
Full Text PDF (621 KB)
pp. 253 - 263
Thomas Probst, Tanja Katterbach, Eugene R. Wist

Mediolateral Differential Projection to the Nodulus from the Inferior Olive in the Albino Rat: A Retrograde WGA-HRP Study
Full Text PDF (7,500 KB)
pp. 265 - 276
Takehiko Umetani

Visual and Nonvisual Contributions to Perceived Ego-Motion Studied with a New Psychophysical Method
Full Text PDF (676 KB)
pp. 277 - 288
B. S. Mesland, A. H. Wertheim

Normal Vestibular Function in Chicks after Partial Exposure to Microgravity during Development
Full Text PDF (4,250 KB)
pp. 289 - 298
R. V. Kenyon, R. Kerschmann, R. Sgarioto, S. Jun, J. Vellinger

Geometric Adjustments to Account for Eye Eccentricity in Processing Horizontal and Vertical Eye and Head Movement Data
Full Text PDF (2,792 KB)
pp. 299 - 322
William P. Huebner, William H. Paloslki, Millard F. Reschke, Jacob J. Bloomberg

Head-Only Rotational Testing: Influence of Volition and Vision
Full Text PDF (1,837 KB)
pp. 323 - 329
Joseph M. Furman, John D. Durrant

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