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Volume 6, Number 6

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Considerations on the Mechanisms of Alternating Skew Deviation in Patients With Cerebellar Lesions
Full Text PDF (849 KB)
pp. 395 - 401
David S. Zee

A Ground-based Animal Model of Space Adaptation Syndrome
Full Text PDF (667 KB)
pp. 403 - 409
Noriaki Takeda, Arata Horii, Atsuhiko Uno, Masahiro Morita, Takatoshi Mochizuki, Atsushi Yamatodani, Takeshi Kubo

Visual Influence on Head Shaking Using the Vestibular Autorotation Test
Full Text PDF (1,163 KB)
pp. 411 - 422
Bob Cheung, Ken Money, Paul Sarkar

Effects of Vestibular Loss on Head Stabilization in Response to Head and Body Perturbations
Full Text PDF (1,737 KB)
pp. 423 - 437
C. L. Shupert, F. B. Horak

Effects of Different Treatments on Postural Performance in Patients With Cervical Root Compression: A Randomized Prospective Study Assessing the Importance of the Neck in Postural Control
Full Text PDF (1,646 KB)
pp. 439 - 453
Liselott Persson, Mikael Karlberg, Mans Magnussont

Short Communication: Measuring Eye Movements During Locomotion: Filtering Techniques for Obtaining Velocity Signals From a Video-based Eye Monitor
Full Text PDF (841 KB)
pp. 455 - 461
Vallabh E. Das, Cecil W. Thomas, Ari Z. Zivotofsky, R. John Leigh

Book Review: Vestibular Autonomic Regulation
Full Text PDF (132 KB)
pp. 463
Charles H. Markham

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