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Volume 7, Number 1

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Treatment of Horizontal Semicircular Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Full Text PDF (657 KB)
pp. 1 - 6
P. Vannucchi, B. Giannoni, P. Pagnini

Changes in Gain and Spatiotemporal Properties of the Vestibulospinal Reflex After Injection of a GABA-A Agonist in the Cerebellar Anterior Vermis
Full Text PDF (1,706 KB)
pp. 7 - 20
D. Manzoni, P. Andre, 0. Pompeiano

Modification of Vertical OKN and Vertical OKAN Asymmetry in Humans During Parabolic Flight
Full Text PDF (1,694 KB)
pp. 21 - 34
Gang Wei, Sylviane Lafortune-Kahane, Desmond Ireland, Ralph Jell

On the Optokinetic Response During Step-Wise Changes in Stimulus Velocity in Squirrel Monkeys
Full Text PDF (1,323 KB)
pp. 35 - 44
J. Kröller, F. Behrens

Three-Dimensional Baselines for Perceived Self-Motion During Acceleration and Deceleration in a Centrifuge
Full Text PDF (2,092 KB)
pp. 45 - 61
Jan E. Holly

Connections Between the Vestibular Nuclei and Brain Stem Regions that Mediate Autonomic Function in the Rat
Full Text PDF (1,817 KB)
pp. 63 - 76
Jennifer D. Porter, Carey D. Balaban

Aging and the Human Vestibular Nucleus
Full Text PDF (1,482 KB)
pp. 77 - 85
Ivan Lopez, Vicente Honrubia, Robert W. Baloh

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