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Volume 7, Number 4

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Guest Editorial: The Third International Symposium on the Head/Neck System: Papers in Honor of Professor Horst Mittelstaedt
Full Text PDF (211 KB)
pp. 281 - 282
P. DiZio, J. R. Lackner, T. Mergner

Interaction of Eye-, Head-, and Trunk-bound Information in Spatial Perception and Control
Full Text PDF (1,725 KB)
pp. 283 - 302
Horst Mittelstaedt

The Role of Reafference in Recalibration of Limb Movement Control and Locomotion
Full Text PDF (1,011 KB)
pp. 303 - 310
James R. Lackner, Paul DiZio

Interactions within and between the Spatial Senses
Full Text PDF (5,152 KB)
pp. 311 - 345
Ian P. Howard

Vestibular-Neck Interaction and Transformation of Sensory Coordinates
Full Text PDF (2,676 KB)
pp. 347 - 367
T. Mergner, W. Huber, W. Becker

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