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Volume 7, Number 5

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Vestibulo-ocular Reflex Deficits to Rapid Head Turns Following Intra tympanic Gentamicin Instillation
Full Text PDF (5,740 KB)
pp. 369 - 380
R. S. Allison, M. Eizenman, R. D. Tomlinson, J. Nedzelski, J. A. Sharpe

Combined Influences of Gravitoinertial Force Level and Visual Field Pitch on Visually Perceived Eye Level
Full Text PDF (6,913 KB)
pp. 381 - 392
Paul DiZio, Wenxun Li, James R. Lackner, Leonard Matint

Vestibular Type I and Type II Hair Cells. 1: Morphometric Identification in the Pigeon and Gerbil
Full Text PDF (8,073 KB)
pp. 393 - 406
Anthony J. Ricci, Katherine J. Rennie, Stephen L. Cochran, Golda A. Kevetter, Manning J. Correia

Vestibular Type I and Type II Hair Cells. 2: Morphometric Comparisons of Dissociated Pigeon Hair Cells
Full Text PDF (8,273 KB)
pp. 407 - 420
Anthony J. Ricci, Stephen L. Cochran, Katherine J. Rennie, Manning J. Correia

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