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Volume 8, Number 3

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A Link-Segment Model of Upright Human Posture for Analysis of Head-Trunk Coordination
Full Text PDF (8,218 KB)
pp. 187 - 200
Spero C. Nicholas, D. D. Doxey-Gasway, William H. Palosi

The Effects of Steroids on Vestibular Compensation and Vestibular Nucleus Neuronal Activity in the Guinea Pig
Full Text PDF (4,731 KB)
pp. 201 - 207
C. Alice A.E. Paul, Andrew J. Sansom, Karyn Maclennan, Cynthia L. Darlington, Paul F. Smith

Immunocytochemical Localization of Calmodulin in the Vestibular End-Organs of the Gerbil
Full Text PDF (4,542 KB)
pp. 209 - 216
Yoichi Ogata, Norma B. Slepecky

The Effect of Space Missions on Gravity-Responsive Torsional Eye Movements
Full Text PDF (6,269 KB)
pp. 217 - 231
Shirley G. Diamond, Charles H. Markham

Central and Peripheral Components of Short Latency Vestibular Responses in the Chicken
Full Text PDF (12,894 KB)
pp. 233 - 252
Andrea M. Nazareth, Timothy A. Jones

The Adequate Stimulus for Avian Short Latency Vestibular Responses to Linear Translation
Full Text PDF (12,413 KB)
pp. 253 - 272
Timothy A. Jones, Sherri M. Jones, Stephen Colbert

Comparison of Manual Whole-Body and Passive and Active Head-on-Body Rotational Testing with Conventional Rotary Chair Testing
Full Text PDF (5,380 KB)
pp. 273 - 282
Jason M. Hanson, Joel A. Goebel

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