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Volume 21, Number 5

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International guidelines for education in vestibular rehabilitation therapy
Full Text Featured Article (155 KB)
pp. 243 - 250
Helen S. Cohen, Kim R. Gottshall, Mariella Graziano, Eva-Maj Malmstrom, Margaret H. Sharpe, Susan L. Whitney

The Barany Society Ad Hoc Committee on Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy has developed guidelines for developing educational programs for continuing education. These guidelines may be useful to individual therapists who seek to learn about vestibular rehabilitation or who seek to improve their knowledge bases. These guidelines may also be useful to professional organizations or therapists who provide continuing education in vestibular rehabilitation. We recommend a thorough background in basic vestibular science as well as an understating of current objective diagnostic testing and diagnoses, understanding of common tests used by therapists to assess postural control, vertigo and ability to perform activities of daily living. We recommend that therapists be familiar with the evidence supporting efficacy of available treatments as well as with limitations in the current research.

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